Minion Rush Tips

If you are playing Minion Rush and you need a quick guide on how to become a better Minion Rush player, you are in the right place.

Since this game is an infinite running game, you will need have nimble fingers and react quickly while playing.

Minion Rush Tips

Tip Number 1: Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of Your Minion

Although this might sound a little redundant, but I often find myself looking at the cute minion and get distracted instead of looking ahead of it. Therefore, I cannot anticipate what is about to come up next. The next thing you know, I just got hit by either an obstacle and the game ends.

Tip Number 2: Dodge or Tilt in Mid Air

Some people are not aware that you can change your direction while jumping in mid air. This helps you get more bananas in the long run and also help you avoid obstacles in advance.

Tip Number 3: Prioritize Other Minions

When you squash other minions, you get a higher score multiplier, giving your a better score when collecting bananas after. You will just have to give up on some of those regular bananas while going after other minions that is running alongside you.

Tip Number 4:  Prolong Boss Battles

When fighting against bosses such as Vector, you can prolong the battle by not tapping on the mini robots that damage him. This way, you rack up bonus points while dodging his robots. Just make sure to not tap on his bombs as you go along!

Tip Number 5: Prolong Unicorn Stage

Unicorn Stage

When you finally unlock the unicorn from the store, a fluffy unicorn will show up in the stages and you can enter a bonus stage that lets you collect more bananas. The key is to keep collecting more bananas so that the bonus stage keeps going. You get out of it once you stop collecting bananas.

Tip Number 6: Get the Outfits that Benefits Your Game Play

You can get the following to help you along your infinite running journey:

Outfits Effect Cost(Tokens)
Worker 10% increase to bananas collected. 550
Singer Despicable Actions reward double Despicable points. 550
Firefighter Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 3 levels. 1,200
Referee Mega Minion lasts 5 seconds longer. 2,500
Ninja Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 6 levels. 2,800
Maid Increases the chance of finding Freeze Rays. 4,500
Alarm Mega Minion and Gru’s Rocket last 15 seconds longer. 7,000
Dad 1st Revive is free in every race. 7,000
Baby Increases Despicable Score Multiplier by 1 level. 20,000
Mom Banana Splitter, Freeze Ray, Banana Vacuum and Minion Shield last 5 seconds longer. 150,000