How To Play Minion Rush Guide

Minion Rush Game Guide

Welcome to the Minion Rush mini guide! This guide will give you all the basic information about how to play Minion Rush!

Basic Controls

Tap Left – Move to the left

Tap Right – Move to the right

Tap Down – Roll under

Tap Up – Jump up

Tilting Your Phone – Used when getting on the slide

Boss Battles

Minion Rush Boss

Tapping on the bombs launched by bosses damages the boss.

Banana Power-ups

Item Effect
Banana Vaccum Let the Bananas come to you! The Banana Vacuum attracts Bananas for 10 seconds
Freeze Ray Freeze and smash obstacles apart
Banana Splitter While active, each Banana counts as two! The Banana Splitter doubles your Bananas for 10 seconds.
Minion Shield While active it protects you from 1 hit! Minion Shield lasts for 10 seconds.
Gru’s Rocket Cover longer distances faster! Gru’s Rocket boosts your distance for 6 seconds.
Fluffy Unicorn Ride the Fluffy Unicorn and collect Bananas. Each upgrade adds more and more Bananas to collect!
Mega Minion Live large and dramatically increase your Despicable Score Multiplier! Get mega-despicable for 12 seconds

 Minion Rush Upgrades

Once you get some of these power-ups, make sure you pick them up during the stage to get the bonuses!